5 thoughts on “No More Engadget podcast feed for me

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  2. I know it’s frustrating, we’re not happy about it either. We’re having some residual technical problems from our recent move to both a new server and a new CMS and we’re trying to fix the problem right now.

  3. James Cooper says:

    The feed is now ‘bolding’ again (when there’s new posts) for me in sage. It was working on and off for a few days, but seems fixed now!


  4. JF says:

    Have you tried telling Bloglines to ignore updates to the feed. You can do this on a feed by feed basis I think.

  5. JF – if I do that, what’s the point of staying subscribed? 🙂

    Thanks for dropping by with an update, Peter. I appreciate it. I can only imagine the pains you guys go through over there to keep Engadget running. Still love ya! 🙂

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