Opera vs Pocket IE – Bloglines Mobile

Again, Opera on the left, Pocket IE on the right.

Here’s the page I view the most on my mobile device with a browser – Bloglines Mobile.

The ordered/bulleted lists don’t appear indented correctly in Opera – they do in Pocket IE. Also, the font size is larger in Opera, meaning you can fit less on the screen. And I couldn’t find a way to hide the address/nav bar in Opera without going to full screen.

Tabbing between text entry fields (while inputting my email address and password for Bloglines) doesn’t work in Opera, while it does in Pocket IE.

The down nav button scrolls a link at a time in Opera, while it scrolls a page at a time in Pocket IE. This is actually one thing that really annoys me about Pocket IE, but I’ve learned to work around it using the tab key to go from link to link, and the down arrow to page down. Much more efficient for reading more than one page of text. With Opera, I couldn’t figure out any way to scroll down a page at a time without using the stylus on the scroll bar (a two handed operation).

Again, Opera, I wanted to love you, but you’re just not doing it for me… 🙂


5 thoughts on “Opera vs Pocket IE – Bloglines Mobile

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  3. as for me, I cannot see the point. Yes, tabbed browsing is not possible with opera mobile, and it is charged |-(
    but there are some really crucial points that make me prefer opera by far:
    – image size: pocketIE doubles all image sizes! which makes them look really odd and scrumbled, and, they take too much space
    – font size: pIE renderes relative font sizes (%) tiny small; opera renderes them in a sensible size, and more, it renderes them somehow streched so they look even bigger. Font sizes defined in fixed sizes show up in reasonable size …
    – views: pIE has no option to view positioned div containers in their places. In opera you can switch between fit to screen, where you see everything in place like on the desktop, but nevertheless don’t have to scroll. If you use the option “desktop” in pIE, you have large scrolls to the right …

    I should like to have an opera/ pIE detection in my stylesheets but nowhere have I found anything related to that problem.
    If anyone has a suggestion?

  4. Dangerous_Dom says:

    Try some Java heavy sites out and you will soon see why Opera is worth the money 😉

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