Opera vs Pocket IE –

OK, last one of these. Opera on the left, Pocket IE on the right.

For all its heralded support of CSS, I was really surprised to see Opera not render the header image, while Pocket IE did.

Really annoying – Opera wouldn’t let me scroll until the entire page was loaded. Bleh.

Again, the bigger (ugly) fonts and inability to hide the address bar leave less space for readable content on the small screen.

I’m going to have to call this one 3 out of 3 in favor of Pocket IE. I’ll keep Opera installed, and so some more playing around with it, but probably not for long…


3 thoughts on “Opera vs Pocket IE –

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  3. I might agree but really don’t like either very much on Windows Mobile platforms. Have you looked at Thunderhawk? It has by far the best rendition and compatibility with many types of client-side content.

    The place where Opera really does shine is in Series 60 phones from Nokia. With EDGE and Opera surfing the web is like a slow DSL connection and I’ve had about 5% of sites that actually have problems rendering on that platform. Forget those yucky WAP or XHTML compatible browsers!

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