Photos of Verizon Fios Fiber Broadband Install, End Result

The Results, originally uploaded by JoshB.

Bridget had to replace the ONT, because the first one was only giving us 200Kbps down (2Mbps up), but the second try was the charm. With the new ONT, I was getting close enough to the quoted 15Mbps download/2Mbps upload speeds of my package to be happy.

Fiber broadband speed bliss!

For reference, the page Bridget always uses is, using their San Franciso server. She says that all of their other servers aren’t fast enough to accurately test Fios speeds. ๐Ÿ™‚

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13 thoughts on “Photos of Verizon Fios Fiber Broadband Install, End Result

  1. ryanknapper says:

    I don’t like you any longer. What kind of a world is it where I’m ashamed of my cable connection?

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  3. Dan B says:

    Nicce pictures and comments Josh.

    Here’s a wierd question for ya. Do you think the run from the box to the house can be done in 1/2 inch elect conduit? I put an empty run of conduit down before I poured my slab now I’m wondering if I should have used 3/4 or 1 inch…

    Dan B

  4. The ONT has to be mounted near your existing telephone box, and the fiber is run to there. That probably wouldn’t fit.

    The run from the ONT to wherever in your house is just plain CAT5e network cable, so if that will fit, you should be good. Of course, it’s up to the Verizon tech who does the install. They’re not allowed, contractually, to fish wires in walls. Don’t know if that includes conduits.

  5. Hey Josh,

    you don’t know me but just wanted to say welcome to fios and blah blah blah *insert company praise here* heh…but seriously.

    Being a fellow geek and working for and with this great technology is a friggin BLAST!

    I do tech support for FiOS service so if you or anyone has any issue’s feel free to get in touch with me.

    AIM: Tapion Mystic
    Email: tapionmystic [at] hotmail [dot]com

    I’ll be more then williing to help you out as best I can company bs aside.


    btw we got 50 down 10 up avail in certain area’s now.



  6. Hey Josh,

    You don’t know me but just wanted to say hi to a happy FiOS customer. I work in the Tech Support field and as such hope to Christ we never talk.

    Wanted to say glad you install went good and if you have any questions or problems feel free to email me or IM me at the below addresses and I’ll help you out.

    EMAIL: tapionmystic [at] hotmail [dot] com
    AIM: Tapion Mystic

    Being a fellow geek and tech nut working in this field with this technology is a friggin’ BLAST!

    Company bs aside I just like helping people. Seriously though it’s a great service and it’s only gonna get better.

    We’re upping the speeds currently to 50Mbps Down/ 10Mbps Up.

    We stopped testing Speeds at 650Mbps so you can see the potential.


    FiOS TV 900+ ALL Digital Channels, 12+ HD Channels. Streaming from DVR to Standard Def Cable Boxes (Music/Pictures/TV Shows HD/SD)

    I know I sound like some corporate yuppy or some useless blogger posting to get paid, but honestly I just like what I do and enjoy seeing what will be the future of communication.

    Glad to have you aborad. Enjoy the light.

    Fiber Solutions Center
    Fiber Customer Support Analyst
    Providence, RI

  7. Lambition says:

    Your connection seem pretty slow.
    I may be just your area, but I get 21541 kbps Down and 2174 kbps Up with COX Highspeed Ineternet (Cable).
    And I have 5Mbps/2Mbps package. Getting almost 4 times faster download than what I’m supposed to get :D.

    I’m in Fairfax County.

  8. farhan says:

    tell me somthing about fiber optic . i want to know about that .will u teach me fiber optics .plz plz……………..i have some knolagde about some basic things about networking .if u do this for me thats make my finance in improving material,wil you?

  9. KC says:

    I don’t know if the last post went through, so I post again.
    seems like it is a lot of work (and a lot of hardware – ONT, power and battery, to install) to be able to use fios.
    How long is the whole process?
    Also, I got my own good router (WRT54GL with the dd-wrt firmware), I don’t have to use their actiontec router, right? Since my router can also do PPPoE, I don’t think my router would have problem using the connection.
    My area doesn’t have fios yet, just asking

    Last, thanks for the pictures taken to show us the hardware involved

  10. Well, I was an early customer, and they might have streamlined the process. I do know that the hardware installed is a bit different if you’re getting Fios TV at the same time (which I do not have). And you don’t do the installation of all this – a Fios technician does. It does take a couple of hours, but I could have just gone about my business until she was done. I hung around, took pictures, and asked questions out of choice. ๐Ÿ™‚

    And you are correct, you don’t have to use their router. Any router that supports PPPOE should be fine. I’ve used a D-Link, Linksys, and Apple router, and they all work just fine.

  11. KC says:

    Of course I know it is the technician who do the installation, but I would probably still follow him around to see exactly what he did (like what you did).
    I am concern about the router since I heard that the router they provided is quite suck (as usual).
    two more questions
    1. When he finally connects the RJ-45 cable to your system, he just config one system, and you have to setup your own router for the connection if you want to share it?
    2. If people want to get the fios TV also, how different is it going to be? Since the ONT box already has the coax output, I think just connect the cable from the output to indoor is enough?

  12. KC, I believe the tech will only set up one computer. You’re responsible for setting up sharing if you have a home network. They can’t be expected to mess with your home network configuration, and frankly, I wouldn’t want them to. ๐Ÿ™‚ However, I was able to ask my tech if I could just have her hook up to my existing router, and she was happy to do that. YMMV.

    I have no idea about Fios TV – don’t have it, and am not interested in it. My brother in law has it, and I think they do just hook up the coax connector on the ONT to your home coax cable connection, to go to your TVs. I’ve heard that there’s a separate box/router for the Fios TV, but I don’t know.

  13. KC says:

    Well, as long as the connection is the PPPoE like DSL, it should be fine. The open authorization is good, just username, no password, on less stuff to remember. The only thing is, once the connection is reset, the IP will change, minor inconvenient.
    I don’t need fios TV either, I got the cable line to use. But do you know if fios TV got clearQAM channels or all are encrypted?
    And for the ONT box, it got the RJ-45 output. So the technician would have to open a hole on the wall anyway for the network cable to go indoor? this part itself it is big job.

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