Photos of Verizon Fios Fiber Broadband Install, part 2

ONT, Before Wiring, originally uploaded by JoshB.

Close shot of the ONT before any of the wire connections were done.

See the notes/mouseovers in the Flickr page for this photo for notation about what each connection is.

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4 thoughts on “Photos of Verizon Fios Fiber Broadband Install, part 2

  1. Thuy Nguyen says:


    I’m in Portland area, and looked at verizon site and they said it’s not in Portland yet. Can you email the phone #?

  2. If Verizon doesn’t provide your phone service, you can’t get FIOS. They only provide service around the Portland area, not in Portland itself. So if you have Qwest or something other than Verizon, then I’m sorry to say you can’t get Fios right now.

  3. mikerios says:

    fantastic detail
    am getting FIOS triple play with the 15/2 package in 2 weeks
    however a few questions
    judging bythe photos it look loke the cable they use for the power to the ONT to the battery back up/ power supply unit is a custom one with 2 #12 stranded and 5 # 18 stranded terminated inside the ONT, I’ll assume they feild install this and it is spooled off and cut to length. As I wish the BBU unit to be inside my attic, some 30 feet away from where the ONT will be located, also i see only one video out connection, I’ll take it it’s for the FIOS TV output to a splitter and then to the STBs? I am getting 3 STB and am wondering if they will require 3 RG6 cables from the ONT to each STB.. at current I have one cable drop amp and all my cable runs centralized.

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