State of My Home Office Desk

My Desk, originally uploaded by JoshB.

In the office/studio in our new house. Not 100% set up yet, but most everything is here. I need a mic stand for my fancy condenser mic, so I can start using the fancy Behringer mixer. Right now, it’s not hooked up to anything. 🙂

I really don’t spend much time here, since I’ve gotten spoiled with laptop/tablet usage. Why go to a separate room and be alone when you can still geek out on a laptop, and stay downstairs where everyone is. Be a geek, and somewhat social at the same time! It’s best when Rachel and I are on the couch, each with a laptop, “watching” TV together. 🙂

See the notes/mouseovers on the Flickr page for this photo for some details on a few items.