TinyScreenfuls Podcast 2006-01-11 – Portland Podcasting Presentation

Here’s a podcast that I’ve been meaning to post for a while – the audio of a presentation I gave at the last Portland Podcasting meetup group. The topic was Podcasting from Mobile Devices, a reprise of the session I did at Podcast Academy back in October.

You can download the MP3 file directly (14MB, 27 minutes), or subscribe to the TinyScreenfuls Podcast RSS feed in your favorite enclosure-aware aggregator to receive this and future podcasts automagically.

I had a great time at the meetup, as you’ll be able to tell by the audio. I love getting up in front of people, and telling them about something I love to talk about, crack jokes, etc. If you’re in the Portland area, you should join us for the montly meetups. Check out PortlandPodcasting.org for the details. We’ve got such an awesome community of podcasters, listeners, and enthusiasts here. I love it! 🙂


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