Apple Releases 1GB iPod nano, Drops shuffle Prices

Unusual for Apple to introduce a new product without having a huge press event with weeks of speculation beforehand, but there you have it. Today, they announced the availability of a 1GB iPod nano for $149, to go along with the existing 2GB ($199) and 4GB ($249) models. They also dropped the prices of the iPod shuffle to $69 (512MB) and $99 (1GB).

I doubt anyone is really surprised by this move, but it does make the lineup a little more complete. People who don’t want or need a screen can get the shuffle for cheaper, while people who maybe held off on a nano because of cost now have less of an excuse. 🙂

I have to say that the $149 price is tempting. Maybe I’ll replace Rachel’s 512MB shuffle with a 1GB nano…