Dear Amazon – We Need To Talk


I ordered an iPod Radio Remote on Feb. 7. 2006, and the Availability was “Usually ships within 2 to 3 days. Ships from and sold by”.

Now, my order status shows a ship date of April 13, 2006 – TWO MONTHS FROM NOW! I didn’t get an email explaining the delay, or anything.

When I go to the page for the item, it still says “Usually ships within 2 to 3 days. Ships from and sold by”.

Something is wrong here. Please ship this item, or update the stock status to indicate that you don’t have it and can’t ship it, so I can cancel my order and take my business elsewhere. And so other poor suckers don’t place an order and wait endlessly for it, like me.

I really like you, and order from you all the time. I hope we can work things out.

Loves and kisses,



4 thoughts on “Dear Amazon – We Need To Talk

  1. Hamish says:

    At least you’ve got a shipping date. I’ve been asking at my local Apple retailer (AppleCentre) and even they don’t have a definitive shipping date.

    Oh well…Good things come to those who wait!

  2. I could pick one up for you here at the Apple store.

    The conspiracy that should be noted though, is that Amazon is rumored to have an iPod/iTunes competitor in the works. The reason for the delay, hrm.

    Nah, I doubt that is the reason.

  3. Thanks, Nick, but I paid for it with Amazon gift certificates. I got an answer back from them saying “there have been delays in availability from Apple, and we’ll ship it when we get it.” They even bumped me up to express shipping for free. So I guess I’ll wait it out. No huge hurry.

    Interesting idea about the ITMS competition conspiracy, though. 🙂

  4. neil says:

    i bought my apple radio remote with a $50 gift certificate on january 9th, they said they’ll ship it on the 22 of january , on the 25rd i called them up once to find out what’s going on, they give me some bs about a delay, i call them up again a couple of days later and they give me a $5 gift certificate to keep my mouth shut. i then call 2 weeks later asking for a date that they’ll ship it,they tell me they’ll get it APRIL 14!, and they bump my shipping up to one-day for free. now on the 28th of feb, i see on their website that they brought their price down $5 and are now selling them for $45 , so i call them up and ask them to reduce my price to $45 since they didn’t even ship it to me, and they credit me $5 since i used a gift sertificate to pay for it!

    $10 in giftcertificates
    free one day shipping

    nagging works!

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