Disappointed by Apple product announcements

Watched the “live” aggregated text feed of the Apple “fun new things” announcement this morning on, and frankly, I’m a little disappointed.

The new Intel Core Solo and Core Duo Mac Mini looks great, but the price bump ($599 for Core Solo, $799 for Core Duo), and the fact that you still only get 512MB RAM and an 80GB drive on the base high end machine puts it past my impulse buy range.

They announced leather cases for the iPod and Nano for $99, with no access to the screen or the controls. What the heck? I’m using an awesome aluminum case on my iPod 5G 60GB from (more on this soon – photos and a review!) that’s only $25. And I thought that Vaja made expensive cases. At least you can use the iPod in a Vaja case.

The last announcement was the iPod Hi-Fi – a fancy dock/speaker system. Supposed to sound great, and can be powered by 6 D-cell batteries, costs $349. It can act as a Universal Dock, and let you control the iPod with the Apple Remote, but what are you going to connect the dock to if it’s already hooked up to speakers? Again, too spendy and not enough functionality for my taste.

After all that, Steve Jobs said “thanks for coming, see you soon!” and left the stage. No big “one more thing” surprise, nothing. Kind of surprising for His Steveness, but there it is. I wonder if all the hype around Microsoft’s Origami Project sapped some of the excitement and hype from Apple this time?


3 thoughts on “Disappointed by Apple product announcements

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  2. Scott Willsey says:

    I disagree. First off, most hype is created by the media and “fan” sites speculating. Apple never said to get whipped into a frenzy over this event.

    Secondly, the $100 increase for the mini is reasonable – all the stuff that USED to be optional on the low-end model like bluetooth and wifi is now built in. And the performance difference of the core duo vs. the g4 (I both model minis to compare to each other, btw) is worth $100 to me. Throw in frontrow and iLife ’06, and I don’t see why $100 extra is not justifiable in any sense whatsoever.

    I agree about the horrible leather cases and the speaker system. Reports say it’s one of the better (or best) sounding ipod speaker systems on the market, but I agree… I don’t see spending all that just for speakers for my ipod.

    But I don’t see the event itself or the increase in price on the mini as thumbs down material. Be glad Apple’s not falling into the trap of trying to outdo themselves with every event. That’s a no-win situation. Look at how the rumors and the media handled this one. If Apple purposely tried to be bigger and better at every event, it would be insane. I think they did fine.

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