Engadget Mobile – What’s the Point?

I saw this morning that Weblogs Inc. has launched a spinoff of the super-popular Engadget, called Engadget Mobile.

Apparently, the new site will focus solely on mobile phones, PDAs, etc. Begging the question, why?

Isn’t this type of gadget what Engadget was covering before? That’s why I read it. Sure, they covered other weird stuff, and the sheer volume of posts (since the bloggers had a quota of x number of posts per day Peter Rojas posted a comment explaining that they don’t use a quote for posts at Engadget) made it seem like most of the posts were really a stretch.

At any rate, I’m subscribed, and it will be interesting to see the evolution of this site and the original Engadget. At first blush, it seems like a money grab – sort of like spinning a character off of a popular sitcom into their own show. We’ll see if it flops or takes off…


3 thoughts on “Engadget Mobile – What’s the Point?

  1. Peter Rojas says:

    Well, I won’t deny that Engadget is a business, and as such we hope to make money with Engadget Mobile, but to be honest, a big part of the reason we did this is that there is simply WAY too much cellphone news to cover on the main site. In fact, it hasn’t been unusual to have as much as 40% or 50% on a given day to be cellphone related, and we were facing a bit of a backlash from readers who want to catch the super important announcements (new RAZR, new Treo) but who don’t want to be flooded with news, while at the same time having to deal with lots of people wondering why we “missed” some new phone that just got announced.

    I think Engadget Mobile is a good compromise. It lets us cover the space to a degree that would overwhelm the main page, and I can’t see how anyone would really have a problem with that.



  2. Peter Rojas says:

    And also, we actually don’t have specific quotas for bloggers to reach or any target number of posts per day. We just blog what we think is interesting, if it’s 15 posts, it’s 15 posts, and if it’s 40 posts, it’s 40 posts.

  3. Thanks for the comments, Peter. My post came off sounding more negative than I meant. I’ve heard the quota thing ruin other blogs, but I was an assumption that it was happening at Engadget.

    It’s hard to make sure you’re talking about things your readers want to hear about. I face that on this blog – I used to try to keep only mobile device related posts here. Any family/personal stuff went to Any general geek posts went to But it started to get really fractured, and hard to keep up with. Now, I basically split posts between (anything geeky), and (family updates, cute pictures of my daughter, etc.).

    Best of luck with the new endeavor – hopefully it will be successful for both sites.

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