Get Super Bowl Ads as a Video Podcast Feed

Steve Rubel points out a feed that will be offering the commercials aired during the Super Bowl this weekend as iPod-friendly video podcast files. Sweet!

I have to take a risk, and admit that I’m not really interested in professional sports, and probably won’t even watch the Super Bowl. Culturally, though, we all know that there are some great commercials that get shown there – funny stuff. Now you can subscribe to the feed, get the video files onto your computer or iPod, watch them over and over, whenever you want, show them to friends, and do whatever you want with them.

Now THAT’s what the digital lifestyle is all about. 🙂

Someone is going to be recording the commercials, then encoding them as MPEG-4, and making them available. I wonder what the entertainment industry is going to find to complain about here? “Hey, you can’t do that! We’re going to sue! You’re pirating our, um, wait a minute… You mean that MORE people are going to be watching our commercials? And we don’t have to pay for it? And they’re going to watch them over and over, and show them to their friends? Well, we’re still going to sue! BitTorrent and ripped TV are BAD!!1!one!” 🙂