Just ordered an iPod radio remote

I’ve been complaining about the lack of an inline remote control for the new 5G iPods with video ever since they came out – rather, complaining about the fact that Apple got rid of a perfectly good accesory connection that existing remotes (and other peripherals) used.

At MacWorld last month, the iPod Radio Remote was announced, and I just ordered one from Amazon. I’ve been kind of on the fence about it, but I had $20 in gift certificates at Amazon that were burning a hole in my pocket, and that pushed me over the edge.

One of the interesting features is the ability to display RDS (Radio Data System) data, that some broadcasters include in their signal to show the name of the station, artist and song title, etc. I had a Pioneer stereo in my car several years ago (2000-2001) that had this feature, and it was pretty cool. In the age of ID3 tags, we’re pretty spoiled by seeing all kinds of data about what’s playing. At the time, only a few Portland radio stations were broadcasting RDS data, but it looks like quite a few of them are doing so now.

I’ll let you know what I think when I get it, and of course, expect lots of photos. 🙂


One thought on “Just ordered an iPod radio remote

  1. Nathan says:

    I really do like the radio remote, except for two flaws.

    1] As it dock connects, it means most cases will not allow you to plug it in

    2] Im not a radio fan. I have the wonders of TinyScreenfuls and other podcasts to listen to. 🙂

    And here in the UK anyways, the price is a scandal. I never complain about paying a premium for good Apple stuff, but the equivilent of $61 for a remote!! 😮 Shocking.

    Therefore, i just bought Griffins AirClick. Not really a remote for travel (unless biking), but very handy for using when watching video on a TV, as it doesn’t require a line of sight.

    ^ Unpacking Pictures.

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