LED + Coin Cell Battery + Magnet = Throwies

EDIT: There’s an awesome video of Throwies being applied en masse to a building in NY over at

OK, now this is a cool idea – temporary “graffiti” in the form of colorful magnetic LEDs, powered by tiny lithium cells for up to two weeks. Cost? About $1.00 per throwie, less with volume discounts on parts.

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I love the Make Magazine blog and – they have so many cool, easy-to-do projects! 🙂


One thought on “LED + Coin Cell Battery + Magnet = Throwies

  1. It’s a rad concept, and the video is beautiful…

    But in two weeks, you have hundreds of dead throwies – will the Makers be good citizens and clean up appropriately? (and how you pull them down, I’m not even sure… ladder?)

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