My Gadget Spread – Portland Podcasting Feb. Meetup

Here’s a shot of the gadgets I had spread out a the last Portland Podcasting meetup.

Go to the Flickr page for this photo and mouse over each item for a note/description of each gadget.

You can see another shot (less blurry, but darker) here.


3 thoughts on “My Gadget Spread – Portland Podcasting Feb. Meetup

  1. Pretty impressive, Chris.

    That stuff wasn’t all I have, it was everything that was on my person at the time. My “standard loadout”, if you will.

    And it wasn’t even everything! 🙂

  2. I understand, I envy that recorder. I’d trade a couple Axims for it.

    Sorry for the pic, I took it for a buddy of mine in Houston named mike. He asked me to throw something online to show him how many goodies I am collecting. I just bought another PDA and a treo 650 off ebay too!

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