Blog – New Mobile Device from Microsoft? is a teaser/guerilla marketing site, registered to Microsoft. As of now, it’s just a Flash movie that shows a little crystaline entity thingy that asks “do you know me? do you know what I can do? do you know where I can go? do you know how I can change your life?”.

Scoble says it’s a new device (but he’s under NDA, and can’t say more). Based on the images that play in the movie, that makes sense. Guess we’ll have to wait until 3.2.2006 to find out more. I wonder what it could be? A new ultra-mobile lifestyle PC?

At least there’s an RSS feed, so I don’t have to remember to go back later and check for updates. 🙂

EDIT: Some sleuths out there in the blogosphere are speculating that it might be National Semiconductor’s Geode “Origami” device:

About the size and weight of a small digital camcorder, the National® Geode ‘Origami’ Mobile Communicator is a flexible unit that folds and unfolds to perform eight popular consumer electronics functions in one easy-to-use device.

Makes sense to me, but I want to state for the record that I have NO information about this device. I’m just speculating with all of the other gadget geeks right now. 🙂

Could be very cool, or could suck. Who’s going to start the betting pool on whether I’ll buy one or not? 😉


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