Blog – Use Ajax to Create a Home Page like It’s 1998!

Saw via Steve Rubel that Google has launched their “Pages” service at

I created one in about 30 seconds. You can see it at

I’m still scratching my head on why you’d want to do this, though. I mean, it’s so easy to create a full blown blog site, or wiki, these days, why would you need a static web page that looks like it came out of the Home Page WIzard from Geocities 10 years ago?

EDIT: This topic is on top of Tech.Memeorandum right now.


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  2. hi there,

    a lot of people who didn’t care doing a web page know how to do HTML using gmail. This tool builds on top of that — this is likely to be more useful and hence popular since everyone’s mother/grandmother can use it.

    I’m surprised that google’s surprised by the amount of interest they generate and the effect of digg/slashdot and the blogosphere.


  3. Brian Hennessy says:


    I would like to publish my own website or something similar.

    I need to store some professional documents, lectures, and stories I have written, photos, etc. There is a lot of material.

    I don’t know what is my best option. Can you help?

    I am an Australian psychologist in China.


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