Sign up with TextPayMe, get $5 free, help me earn an Xbox 360

Some of my blogger friends (like Chris Pirillo) have been talking a lot about a new service called TextPayMe, that lets you send PayPal-like payments to people using SMS text messages. So you can split your dinner bill among friends, or whatever else you need.

When you sign up for an account, they’ll give you $5 free in your account (just like PayPal did in the early days).

In addition, if you sign up through the affiliate link below, and I get 36 people to do so, I’ll get a free Xbox 360.

I figure there have to be at least 36 of you that are interested in getting $5 free, so help a geek out, and clicky clicky! ๐Ÿ™‚

SignUp at TextPayMe


6 thoughts on “Sign up with TextPayMe, get $5 free, help me earn an Xbox 360

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  2. Naveed Iqbal says:

    Damn! I signed up, then realized I couldn’t finish the sign up. My cell phone was soaked in the rain yesterday, and I have no screen display, so i cannot read the confirmation code! bummer!

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