Ultramobile Lifestyle PC? Yes, Please! Ultramobile Lifestyle PCs coming

Rob Bushway, mobile gadget geek extraordinaire, is at the Microsoft Mobility Partner Briefing up in Redmond (I was invited, but couldn’t make it), and grabbed my attention with word of imminent release of “ultra-mobile PCs” – smaller than a laptop or a tablet, but larger than a PDA. Here’s the dirt:

Look for the following devices to be announced very soon

From the slide:

The ideal Lifestyle Ultra-Mobile PCs will be

  • wearable
  • all day battery life (12 hr on-time)
  • $500 msrp
  • always on
  • connection through 3G
  • instant use
  • 10”
  • Pen based
  • full windows based

There will be trade offs of the above featues to hit the $500 mark, but the $500 is critical this new device that will be announced soon. You won’t want to leave home without it – like a cell phone.

I’ve seen prototypes of things like this bandied about at trade shows, etc. They’ve been teasing us with these “mini-tablets” for ages, now. It’s about time some of these cool devices start making it to the market.

Wearable, all-day battery, $500 price tag, and 3G connectivity? Here’s my credit card – which one of you PC OEM’s wants it first? 🙂


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  1. Josh, glad you were at least able to read about some of the info from the Partner Briefing. Did you get access to the presentations? Send me an email and I can point you to them.

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