Who’s Going to Pay $30 for Opera on the Nintendo DS?

Well, I might. Nintendo announced that the Opera web browser will be made available (on its own cartridge, I’m assuming) for $29. They also announced a TV-tuner card.

This got me thinking, with the PSP offering a web browser for free, what makes Nintendo think that they can charge $29 for one? A couple of things, I guess. First, Opera has a history of charging for their web browser (how that business model works when every other browser in the world is free, I have no idea).

Second, the Nintendo DS is pretty much wiping the floor with the PSP (and every other game console, portable or not, for that matter) in sales right now. So they can afford to do whatever they want.

Lastly, the DS doesn’t have an easy way (USB cable) to connect to a PC to update itself with new features like the PSP does. Sure, they could try it over wifi, but do you want to be the guy in charge of tech support for 12 year old kids around the world trying to flash the firmware on their DS over wifi? Yeah, me neither. ๐Ÿ™‚

So, I guess it makes sense for them to release Opera on a cart. And they couldn’t very well give it away for free. The real question is, will I cave and buy it when it comes out? I already carry several devices on my person at any given time that can browse the web, so Opera on the DS would have to be pretty special. But we all know I have very low resistance to this sort of thing. ๐Ÿ™‚

Let the betting pool on when I will cave begin! ๐Ÿ™‚


6 thoughts on “Who’s Going to Pay $30 for Opera on the Nintendo DS?

  1. Let us not forget that the PSP browser sucks. Granted, were Opera available, I wouldn’t pay $30 for it, but I would serioslu consider paying $5 to $10.

  2. I probably will because I’m a sucker for all things DS (and don’t have any other portable devices to browse).

    I do wish that the cartridge had the form-factor of a GBA cartridge so I could just leave it in the system all of the time. I’m sure that won’t deter me. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. never played a ds before maybe in a store but i didnt really like it . i hear its gone really up in the world flying past the psp. oh well. maybe i should buy a ds to : (best reason to buy a psp is dj max

  4. Yea its great that Nintendo has come up with a Opera Browser.
    But I’m disappointed in the fact that the Opera Browser would lack sound/video qualities on the browser. Would be great as a portable podcasting tool – only if Audacity would work with the Mic. Well, can’t please the Business suits – Quanitity over Quality.
    Convergence in video games do not work until the right technology comes along.

  5. I meant was Opera Browser on the DS. Nintendo never invented the Opera Browser. Still I won’t pay $30 bucks for Opera.
    Plus. It will have Parental lockouts on wikipedia. Too bad, Urology majors cannot use the Opera Browser DS for research because of unsuitable material. If Nintendo wants to attract the non-gamers, give em what they want: Flash, Video, Sound, MP3, iTunes compatible, PDF, open standards.
    I would do that if I own a large company. It’s the consumers who pay their paychecks. Am I right? The consumers are the bosses, not the corporations.

    I’am excited about Electroplankton on the DS. Would be a great musical tool. Now that’s an application.

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