Wired News Tries Podcasts, Stumbles

Saw with interest the other day that Wired News has started releasing podcasts. Cool. I’ll subscribe.

Got around to adding the feed to iTunes today, and noticed that while it’s an RSS 2.0 feed, there’s no enclosure element. Just a link to the MP3 file.

Whoops. That means their podcast feed won’t work with a podcast aggregator. Meaning it’s not technically a podcast – just a bunch of downloadable MP3 files.

Luckily, we have cool tools here in the future that let us work around problems like this. Like Feedburner. I created a Feedburner feed of the broken Wired podcast feed, and now it works just fine:

Feel free to subscribe to this one, and pass it around to anyone who could use it. I’m not inserting ads or trying to gain anything by it, other than a working podcast feed.