Who says Intel doesn’t have a sense of humor?

I can’t/won’t reveal any details of this, but today at work, there was an extremely well conceived and executed early April Fools joke played on everyone at Intel.

The amount of planning and secrecy that had to have gone into this is non-trivial, and it was pulled off marvelously. It had me fooled for quite a while, and once I “got” the joke, I was literally laughing out loud.

I didn’t expect something so clever and irreverent from Intel, and it totally made my day.

At some point in the future, maybe I’ll be able to share publicly what it was, so you can all enjoy it too. If you’re an Intel employee, and you know what the joke was, please don’t say anything about it here, so we don’t spoil it for anyone. πŸ™‚

Hats off to everyone involved! πŸ™‚


Just upgraded to WordPress 2.0. Wow, that was easy.

I’ve been bad. I’ve been running on WordPress 1.5 for a long time. Long after 2.0 was released. I kept meaning to upgrade, but never got around to it.

Today, I finally did. It was incredibly simple. I spent way more time on the database backup/precautionary procedures, in case something went wrong, than I did on the actual upgrade. It took, literally, seconds.

Thanks and kudos to Matt Mullenweg and crew for such an awesome tool! Now I’m an even bigger WordPress fan. πŸ™‚

EDIT: I’m also playing around with the theme, and the newly released WordPress Widgets, so the appearance of the site might change over the next few days. If you’re reading via the feed, you won’t even notice.


Anonymous Intel commenters come out of the woodwork

Wow. I don’t think I’ve ever had a post that got so many great comments in such a short time as my last one. Go read it if you haven’t.

It’s very interesting to see so many anonymous Intel employee commenters. It tells me a couple of things:

  1. People at Intel are reading and listening
  2. People at Intel have strong feelings about the stuff that’s happening to us as a company
  3. For whatever reason, they prefer to share those comments anonymously

I commit to all of my readers and commenters that I respect your privacy and anonymity. I know that sometimes, you just can’t say what’s really on your mind without it. I won’t condone any “Intel bashing”, but that’s not what’s happening. Humans want and need conversations.

People need a place to talk about this stuff. That’s why I talk about Intel-related stuff here – and if that sparks some conversation, then my objective has been met.

So, expect more Intel conversation, and please, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments, anonymously or not, whether you work for Intel or not.

EDIT: Don’t miss the Unofficial Intel Blog for more Intel blogosphere conversation. I’ve linked him/her before, because it’s a great blog, and some of the things need to be said. All the conspiracy theorists think that the author, PentrinoVI IV, is me, posting under a pseudonym… πŸ˜‰


I LOVE Windows Mobile 5 on my Samsung i730!

As I mentioned previously, I installed the unofficial WM5 ROM image on my Verizon Samsung i730 Pocket PC Phone device.

It rocks.

It’s very well-baked – all the little Verizon apps are there (VoiceSignal, Remote Control, etc.). Everything just worked – I only experenced some errors with one app that I use, which I’m going to update and see if it fixes. One cool thing is error reporting when an app crashes – just like WIndows XP, it will ask you if you want to send an error report to Microsoft.

What do I love the most so far? It’s a tie between the soft keys (now you can do eveything with one hand, or without using the stylus) and the WM5 version of Pocket Internet Explorer. PIE changes the way it handles navigation with the d-pad, so instead of paging up and down, it actually goes from link to link, making it even easier to surf one handed.

You can bet I’ll be posting more updates (took lots of photos, etc.), so stay tuned! πŸ™‚


Six Apart receives funding from Intel, others

Looks like blogging software company Six Apart (Movable Type, Typepad, LiveJournal, etc.) scored third round funding, and one of the investors was Intel Captial.

Makes me happy to see Intel looking at investing in companies in the blogosphere. (Disclaimer: I had nothing to do with the deal, and only learned about it through the CNET story linked above).

Looking forward to seeing what cool stuff Mena Trott, Anil Dash, and company come up with! πŸ™‚


Picked up Me and My Katamari – Weirdest Game I’ve Ever Seen

And I love it. πŸ™‚

Snagged Me and My Katamari for PSP last night at Toys’R’Us (we were looking for a swingset/play structure thing, now that we have a back yard). Haven’t played more than a hour or so, but starting from the introduction video, I can say that this is the most cracked out game that I’ve ever played. The music, characters, and dialog just scream “weird Japanese game”, and I love it. The theme song is permanently stuck in my head, I’m afraid.

First gameplay impression? The controls are REALLY hard to get used to (at least, for someone like me who never played either of the PS2 incarnations). More after I’ve played for a while.