Disclosure about DualCor Board of Expert Technical Advisors

The question was asked in the comments to my post about joining the DualCor Board of Expert Technical Advisors, regarding whether or not I get paid, and whether that constitutes a conflict of interest with my employer, Intel.

I responded to the comment, but I want to post something here on the front page, to be fully transparent about this.

I am receiving no payment from DualCor for my role on the Board. I explicitly declined any stock compensation, to avoid even the appearance of a conflict of interest. Before accepting the position, I reviewed the agreement terms with my manager, and Intel legal, and followed the procedure for an Intel employee serving on the board of another company. All of the accompanying paperwork was filled out and filed, and everything is on the up and up.

I am under NDA with DualCor, but that’s standard procedure. The whole idea of the Board of Expert Technical Advisors, as I understand it, is to evangelize and help people learn more about the product when it becomes available, which is what I’ll be doing. No more, no less. 🙂

If you have any other questions, or if this seems fishy at all to you, please post a comment and let me know. Like I said, I want to be transparent about this, so you all know what my motivations are when I say something.


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  2. Peter Boughton says:

    Don’t suppose there’s any update on that; March is rapidly drawing to a close, but still no sign of it? 🙁

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