I LOVE Windows Mobile 5 on my Samsung i730!

As I mentioned previously, I installed the unofficial WM5 ROM image on my Verizon Samsung i730 Pocket PC Phone device.

It rocks.

It’s very well-baked – all the little Verizon apps are there (VoiceSignal, Remote Control, etc.). Everything just worked – I only experenced some errors with one app that I use, which I’m going to update and see if it fixes. One cool thing is error reporting when an app crashes – just like WIndows XP, it will ask you if you want to send an error report to Microsoft.

What do I love the most so far? It’s a tie between the soft keys (now you can do eveything with one hand, or without using the stylus) and the WM5 version of Pocket Internet Explorer. PIE changes the way it handles navigation with the d-pad, so instead of paging up and down, it actually goes from link to link, making it even easier to surf one handed.

You can bet I’ll be posting more updates (took lots of photos, etc.), so stay tuned! 🙂


5 thoughts on “I LOVE Windows Mobile 5 on my Samsung i730!

  1. I’ve run WM5 for the last 30 days or so on the XV6700 and I’m very impressed as well. Out of curiosity: let us know how long it generally takes you to get used to NOT using a stylus or the D-Pad. I’m still pulling the stylus halfway out at times, only to put it back in place and use softkeys. 🙂

  2. ROD M says:

    Hey mobile five i avalable from verizon as an up grade at there site now I havent got voice signal to work and sprite backup seems to be gone

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