I want Riya to import/monitor my Flickr photos

Just had a thought. I want Riya to import and monitor the photos I upload to Flickr, as an alternative to leaving their little agent running on my local computer.

The benefits:

  • I upload to Flickr from several computers, not all of them Windows-based. Getting my photos from Flickr wouldn’t limit me to just my home XP system.
  • I’ve already decided about privacy on the photos I upload to Flickr. For Riya, I have it set to monitor and upload from the My Pictures folder, but I’ve got the privacy set to Private instead of Public, until I can review the photos and make sure I want the world to see them.
  • All the Flickr uploader tools and hacks should work to get photos into Riya
  • I don’t have to go to the hassle, however small, of uploading my photos to two different services, and having them stored in two places online.

I’m sure there are downsides, and obstacles to make this happen (analysis would use Riya’s CPU cycles, instead of my computer’s), but it sure would be cool to see these two photo services talk to each other.

Now that I think about it, I want to be able to export the recognized faces from Riya back to my Flickr photos as “notes” – the little mouseover outlines. Now THAT would be cool. 🙂

Perhaps, as I gaze into my crystal ball, Yahoo should just buy Riya, and integrate their service into Flickr?

(Note: I know nothing. Idle speculation. All disclaimers apply.)


2 thoughts on “I want Riya to import/monitor my Flickr photos

  1. jason says:

    That would be nice, but their hasn’t been any word on it sence last year, and it doens’t seem likly now that google bought them out.

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