Intel involved in the Origami Project?

Rob Bushaway over at spied an new “stealth marketing” site from Intel that is similar to the famous that’s gotten all the mobile device geeks stirred up in the last week or so:

The site is Intel branded, and less subtle that Microsoft’s, and for that, perhaps less intriguing and mysterious. But it appears that between Microsoft and Intel, we’ll be getting more in on ultra-mobile PC devices next week at CeBIT.

Disclosure: I work for Intel. Second Disclosure: I have NO inside information on this. But I have to say it makes sense. Intel has been showing off prototype devices of this form factor (see: Ruby) since IDF last year. Mike Trainor had one like it at Portable Media Expo last October.

Intel Ruby Prototype

It makes perfect sense – Microsoft doesn’t make PC hardware (or PDA/Smartphone hardware, for that matter). But they provide the OS platform. Someone else, like Intel, will likely be providing the components, and final devices will likely be manufactured and sold by OEMs like Samsung, Toshiba, etc. (again, I have NO info on this – it’s pure speculation!).

At any rate, looks like there will be some cool announcements coming next week! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Intel involved in the Origami Project?

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  2. This is a a rather late reply but one year later, what has happened to the site? forums are full of spam and its setting a very bad example considering its the #1 UMPC site on google. Some of the spam is even filtering back into search results which certainly doesn’t help customers. I’ve tried contacting people in Intel but no-one appears to care.

    If you get a chance to find out who’s managing this site, tell them they’re not doing a very good job please!


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