Mac Software Recommendations – Audio Editing, like Adobe Audition?

I’m settling into my digs on my Mac mini, and getting ready to tackle that pile of recorded audio I have that’s waiting to be turned into podcast (mostly for work).

I started my podcasting career using Audacity on Windows, and after about a year or so, graduated to Adobe Audition, which I liked for it’s RMS normalization, better noise reduction results, and simple multitrack editing.

Now that I’m on the Mac, I’m looking for something similar in functionality to Audition, that’s either free or cheap. I’ve got the latest beta of Audacity for Mac OSX, and it does the job, but I get the feeling that there’s this whole world of useful Mac software out there that I’m not aware of. Tim Germer already recommended Sound Studio (which crashed when I tried to run it). I’m trying to make sense of the editing capabilities built into GarageBand 3, but I think I’m missing something fundamental.

So, my Mac using friends, what do you recommend I try for audio editing? Should I just take the blue pill, and force my brain to figure out how to make GarageBand do its magic with the 24 bit 44KHz WAV files that get recorded on my M-Audio Microtrack? Is there some other magic program out there that I’m not aware of?

Instruct me in the way of the Mac, o my fruity brethren. I am an open vessel, an unmolded lump of clay. 🙂


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  1. jskip says:

    hi, i hav the same problem as u. i tried looking 4 sumthing similar 2 audition 4 mac. i got protools (bcos its the industry standard in pro music recording) & soundtrack pro 4 most of audition’s functions.

  2. kyle says:

    I’ve also had this problem. It seems that GarageBand is more for production. As far as editing sound files, I don’t think you can even import them into GarageBand. Adobe Audition is a really good program and surely there’s something similar for Macintosh. Anyone?

  3. jskip, Learn how to type English, please. Good luck working with ProTools in the industry with typing skills like your’s bcos engineers and producers don’t dig it.

    Check out Peak LE form Bias. It has RMS normalization like Audition does.

  4. adam says:

    Peak is an old app that is over rated. Soundbooth does just about everythign Peak does and is cheaper. Audition has multitrack editing and waveform editing all in one…something not many apps have these days unless you get something like Logic, Pro Tools, etc.

    And even those great / expensive sound apps don’t have that great of wavesform editors. They spend more of there dev time on the multi-track part.

    I can’t say that I’ve seen anything that does both well for the mac.

  5. mick says:

    try melodyne studio, its got a full range of audit editing features and various other great stuff like pitch correction etc. can also use AU & VST to extend it.

  6. Have you looked into Audacity? (

    While it may not seem as slick as Audition or any of the other (very expensive) packages it does handle audio editing very well. I have been using it for a while now and before moving from PC to Mac was using it side-by-side with Audition (which I had been using since it was CoolEdit, back in the day.)

    There are lots of plugins available and I have been incredibly pleased with its performance.

  7. Vijay says:

    I really like Adobe programme. I used it a lot when I had PC but now am Mac user and very difficult do get similar programme and am missing adobe as it is easy and just wonderful editing tool. I hope Adobe will try and help Mac user for. I also have audacity but not the same and do not waste my money on expensive softwares like logic and other programmes.

    Please all Mac users help us.

  8. Slamma Sabactani says:

    Well i agree with all of you guys, adobe audition its an amazing DAW and its such a shame that mac don’t have one like it so far, i have a mac and a pc on my studio and the PC its only for the audition, the softwares i recommend for using with a mac are: Logic Pro, Pro tools & Ableton Live, garage band its a pretty usefull tool if you know exactly what you’re doing and if you apply great plug ins such as Izotope, well fellows there’s plenty of softwares out there but son long i’ll still dream on having Audition running on my mac…

    P.S: you can run audition on a mac if you have parallels desktop but it runs on low memory and it may crush, anyway hope this answer helps!

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  11. Jeff Ogrisseg says:

    I’m recent switcher to Mac but keeping my PC solely for Audition. Mac for video; PC for music. Not perfect but workable.

  12. Audacity has come a long way. It used to be limited, however the new beta version is excellent. I am very picky too, being a long time Audition junkie. After I finally realized
    that windows is not cool at all, I had to find a unix equivalent that didn’t suck. Oh, and it had to be free. Oh, and it had to let me edit waves down to the milliseconds. Audacity does all of these, plus it has a feature that Adobe couldn’t even get down; It automatically highlights the very small gaps inbetween beats so you don’t have to constantly zoom in and out…VERY COOL!!! It does all of the things Audition does(minus the kiddie effects), but requires the user to be more self reliant.

  13. Arterium says:

    Another Audition lover here, also hoping to run Audition on Mac. Again, keeping PC for Audio, Mac for Video. Sad really!

  14. artificial_steve says:

    You guys/gals need to seriously check out audacity. The newest beta version.
    If you can’t hang with that then you are using too many effects…

  15. DJ HARDATTACK here .
    Adobe is wicked .. and would be amazing on mac .. I too have a mac and a Pc .. and i only use the Pc for editing music .. Pc is totaly not reliable for anything other then adobe and playing cards … I have taken on Pc on stage for the use of Serato and it crashed every time I put it in front of a croud . so i am forced to go with a mac ..
    im sure adobe will pull up its socks and produce what we need ..

  16. I am now happy to say that I am running adobe audition 1.5(still the BEST version they ever made) ON A MAC!!! an ibook g4, at that. I finally got off my ass and started using Darwine. Darwine is Wine for …duh…Mac, because mac has a BSD subsystem, therefore it is a Unix system. I had previously been enjoying audition on Ubuntu, using the same idea, can’t believe it works but it does, so there you go, have your cake and eat your shoes.

  17. Searching says:

    Hi all,

    I used to use audition when it was cool edit. Since then I bought a mac and a little sampler, and have kind of abandoned all hope that a program would be as great as cool edit.

    My one question: is it possible to time stretch on Audition?

  18. Pro Audio Kid 21 says:

    I would definetly reccomend Logic 7 or 8 as Logic studio has video editing with a lot of flexibility with audio and signal flow. It’s an apple product which in the express version can even track at 24 bit 96k. Anyone who has used garageband shouldn’t have too many issues with it That’s the best that I can think of for this kind of application. I run Pro Tools 7, Cubase 4, Melodyne, Peak 5.2 UBK and Logic has always worked the best for me. Best of luck.


  19. AngelfingersPT says:

    Well guys, there’s nothing like Audition for Mac. I used it since it was Cool Edit and GOD how I miss everything. Now that I finally have an amazing Mac Pro machine, I lost the most fantastic, intuitive, faster, good lucking, customizable software in the universe. Please Adobe hear our praer.

    Sign the Petition for Audition on Mac

  20. RP says:

    Seems the best way for the time being is to use VMWare Fusion and install Adobe Audition on your Windows install. I tried Audacity at the weekend but after so many hours in front of Audition changing seems a bit too much like hard work.

  21. Huckleberry says:

    I recently switched to an imac with 4GB of ram. But still have to keep my PC on desk for recording. I can’t even record sounds from internal speakers by audacity on my imac. However audacity works fine on PC. Could you please tell me how to overcome the mac problem?
    Thanks in advance.

  22. Karson With a K says:

    I came across the same problem and I was actually a beta tester for Cool Edit. I had an idea but I don’t have Windows Vista. What if you used Boot Camp on your Mac to install Windows then install Adobe Audition on your Mac?


  23. Ok, Are you are seeking a loop editor, audio stero file mastering suite, or both?
    To get what you are seeking you must purchase something to handle the job professionally so go to:
    It is great for the Mac and does both what you seek.

    For straight up audio editing check out these products. It is all about the power you want, and the money you are willing to spend to get the results you want
    My personal favorite for many years and to which I now use on my Imac is

    If the aforementioned are out of your price range then

    check out PEAK (mastering) and DECK (recording/mixing) at

    Apple’s Soundtrack

    PROTOOLS It was designed for PC and I don’t like the interface considering the price they ask for it. Simply due to our American recording Industry making it the defacto-default for the audio-recording industry (way overpriced as well) it has become hugely popular with the prostudios simply because of the hardware it had to complement the software in days when computers didn’t have enough processing power on their own without PCI card help like Protools offered. Because of all this, it had a headstart, a pricetag to match, became the standard but by no means is it the best out there anymore IMHO but because initial investment by the ‘pro’ market was so huge they don’t want to move out of their ‘comfort zone’.
    You still can get a free copy of its software to use as an editor but the audio multitrack recording programs such as Cubase, Logic, and Protools will have far too many bells and whistles for what many ‘laypersons’ are trying to do (record and restore/edit old records, tapes etc) and will only confuse them further with endless menus they’ll never use.
    Good luck

  24. I too come from a CoolEdit background. I did a lot of searching over the past two years and I still haven’t found anything better than SoundStudio for day to day, simple, quick and dirty editing. I’ve tried Logic Express, Soundtrack, Audacity, Peak, even Audiofile’s Wave Editor. Although unfortunately SS is too buggy for me to love it, it still does the job (for me!) better than the others. I also compared it to the recent Peak Express (a tad too limited, but it works fine!), and SS won for most productive and easy to use interface.

    I see this is a fairly old post, so I’d like to know what you’ve settled for…

  25. I’ve actually been going back and forth between GarageBand and Audacity. I’ve realized that my audio editing needs aren’t really all that advanced, and while Audition has some awesome high end features, I can live without them. I’m too easily distracted by other shiny things to worry too much about it. 🙂

  26. Carlosula says:

    I too have been a long time user now of Sound Studio and it works. I’ve been trying to find a program which is slightly more automated and will allow me to shorten empty spaces, or lengthen to fit certain time restrictions.
    I’m also looking for a program which would allow me more easily fade music in and out of my podcast, automatically. Now I have to do that all manually.
    Sound Studio has worked flawlessly on my MacBook. No glitches. It’s done fine, but I’m looking for a bit more muscle.

  27. JP says:

    Very interesting discussion …

    I too migrated from pc to mac missing the simplicity of cooledit in mac soundediting programs. While reading all of this discussion it seems to me that audicity is very interesting and working properly … i’ve installed it and it looks like it fits my needs and it’s free …
    Otherwise i discovered Darwine as a very interesting solution in running windows programs on a mac. I’m still figuring out and probably will join this dicussion later.


  28. Flashpoint says:

    AUDACITY, eh?
    Agree with JP — however, I am almost on the cusp of the migration(!) Increased traveling demands in the past year has me crazy. Busting down my PC “accoutrements” at the airport TSA checkpoints is downright annoying (pre-amp, interface, mics; not to mention, roughneck man-handling by neighbor travelers on the plane — “HEY! WHADYA DO’IN WITH THAT COMPUTER BAG OF MINE!???”). Yes: gotta be more “streamlined.” mac provides that.

    My production needs are modest (mono vo’s/single track). AUDACITY, you say? But jeezels…I’m so dang busy I dread the learning curve of new software, so Audition rules my heart.

  29. Hello, I am a.. PC and soon to be a Mac (finally!!!) all I have to do is get 2500 to get the new MacBook Pro. It has been about 5 years since I wanted one (Mac)but… I also love Adobe Audition 1.5 and coming across this forum made me realize that, as human I have to evolve, that’s why I’m going to get a mac and do all the things that Pc’s never let me do: EVOLVE!!! Sure, I am going to miss Audition (more than I tought) but, getting Pro Logic (even is is 499)is going to be worth it because I know that adobe is not going to make Audition for Mac (there is something behind companies, do some research)and since everything is so easy on a Mac, with the price that I am going to pay for Pro Logic everything should be like… NOT A PC: Hassle Free

  30. Joel says:

    Apple’s Logic Express 8? Although I’m stil holding out hope for Adobe to code a Mac version of Audition.

  31. Valdemar says:

    My answer: Just get back to windows.
    I am a frustrated and disappointed mac user. Most of the software that I’ve found for OS X reminds me of all these ugly and silly little apps raised from the Linux environment. I can’t find ANY like Audition, not even close. Audacity is way too poor for someone who has been enjoying the power and easiness of use of something like Cool Edit and Audition that, for me, is THE primary source of tools for my multimedia job.

    BTW don’t even try to run it under any virtual machine software, it hasn’t worked for me at least. I even Didn’t bothered myself on trying Boot Camp since I already have Windows machines at home. Macs closed architecture is simply a pain to deal with, when you are used to so much working and useful Windows software. Macs’ multimedia features have been over rated for the last years, and under the fine coat of their design, there is only dead or silly software (with the only exception of some multi-platform super-applications that you already have running under Windows) more for fans, kids and seniors, than the professionals.

    Just my two cents.

  32. Lena says:

    In google search it said you had found a way to use Audition 1.5 in Mac.
    Can you please let me know how?? Any glitches??

  33. balan says:

    hi people, can someone help me to find Adobe audition 1.5 for my mac book. Im having a challanges, using apple & windows all the time. hope to get good news from u all people. BALAN ( AV )

  34. jay says:

    possible answer to using adobe audition 1.5 on a mac. Mac now has boot camp, which allows running windows applications on it. either way, you can get windows installed on a mac, then you can run windows applications on it, like audition. I agree with Valdemar though – mac has limited software, and whatever is really strikingly good costs too much. Look at cheap music programs for example – windows has acidpro and audition, which mac has… garageband.

  35. Matt says:

    (I disemvowelled this post as a warning – don’t attack each other, and keep the comments on topic, or I’ll just delete them all. – Josh)


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  36. JP says:

    Finally i found Sound Studio ( as the best mac program compared with windows cooledit/audition. Sound Studio is easy to use, offers multitrack and offers me enough possibilities for esmi-proffessional use. For professional use is Apples Logic pro perfect but expensive.


  37. JustJay says:

    I just got my MacBook Pro about 6 months ago. I come from a huge cluster of radio stations where all that was used was Audition. Now that I have my Mac I am having the same trouble finding an audio editing software as sleek and easy as Audition.

    I thought I was the only one. Adobe, where are you?!


  38. c5nest says:

    Great news about the Audition for the Mac!

    I’ve been using Audition (2.0) for years and have really missed it since I moved to a Mac for video editing.

  39. Mac user says:

    I don’t know but I have been wondering the exact same question for the last year. Can anyone out there lead us? We are ready to follow…

  40. Mac user says:

    I don’t know but I have been wondering the exact same question for the last year. Can anyone out there lead us? We are ready to follow…

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