More Teasers, Intel Creating a Community Around UMPC

Dave over at MobilityToday points out that Intel’s site has added some more info. There’s a “Product” page that says the product will be announced March 9. There’s a “Usage Model” page with more photos and a new video. There’s a FAQs page and an Events page. And there are Forums. Hmm…

There are only 3-4 active threads on the forum right now. I tried to post one, but it required an account, and I can’t find anywhere on the site to register/set up an account. What’s going on here? If no one can register to post on the forums, who are the people that are posting there? I REALLY hope that they’re not fake users, created by Intel, to try to build hype (like paid shills that other companies *cough* NVidia *cough* have used). Can someone at Intel tell me what the deal is here? If that’s what it is (and that’s what it smells like right now), it’s going to backfire BIG TIME. To be fair, the posts don’t sound at all like shills, but I still don’t know how they got registered to post. At least the forums have an RSS feed. (EDIT: Commenter John Tokash points to the forum registration page – so much for all of my conspiracy theories. Thanks John! :-))

On the bright side, though, it says on the FAQs page that Intel is trying to create a community site around the UMPC. I believe this is the first time Intel has really tried to embrace the community for one of its products (albeit one that hasn’t been announced yet). I really want to find the people who put this together, and see if I could interview them for a podcast or video.

In the mean time, Scoble teases us with what Origami/UMPC is NOT, and says he’s going to buy one with his own money. I probably will too, once we’re all told what the heck it even is. Hey, if you’re at Intel, and you read this, drop me a line, and hook a geek up, eh? 😉


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