Playing with Riya – Java is a CPU hog

So Riya, the fancy face recognition that everyone who has seen a demo has been drooling over, finally went public beta last night. I signed up, and just installed their little uploader app (had to wait until I was at home, because it didn’t work at all behind the proxy at work).

I’m uploading a small sampling of photos right now. Impressions so far? Well, I don’t know. I’ve been waiting for the last 20 minutes for it to analyze, process, and upload the 40 or so photos I told it to upload.

It appears that the little Riya tray application is written in Java, because right now, while it’s doing it’s thing, I can see a javaw.exe child process in Process Explorer. It’s pegging my CPU utilization at 100%, making my X41 tablet very hot, and draining my battery. And it’s only on photo 15 of 47. Great…

It says somewhere on the Riya site to let the uploader run overnight, and boy, they weren’t kidding…


2 thoughts on “Playing with Riya – Java is a CPU hog

  1. No we weren’t Josh. Detecting faces is very CPU intensive. But Riya should back off once you use the keyboard or mouse (although it will take longer then). The good news is that you only have to do this detection step once per photo.

  2. Thanks for the quick response, Munjal. That makes sense. I hope that my distaste for Java as a platform (because it tends to be very resource intensive and slow) don’t convey that I’m not very interested in what Riya can do. I’ll definitely give it a fair shake! 🙂

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