Podcast Block – what would you like to hear?

You’ve probably noticed a lack of podcast content here at the TinyScreenfuls ranch. Several of you have pinged me about it, and I’ve made well intentioned promises that more is coming soon. I’ve made excuses about how it’s been hard to find time in my schedule to hook up with Brian to record a show (because our podcasts are so much better when it’s a conversation, rather than me talking to a mic).

But no podcasts.

I can’t really explain why not. I kind of feel like I’m facing some kind of writer’s block, but for podcasts. I haven’t lost interest – if anything, the opposite. I’ve been interviewed by the Portland Oregonian newspaper for their articles on podcasting. I’m actually doing podcasting as part of my day job at Intel. I’ve finally got my home recording rig set up and working – it sounds awesome. But I haven’t put out a podcast.

Maybe I just need to sit down and do one. Maybe change the format to a short (3-5 minute) show several times a week, instead of one big one. If you’ve noticed, I’ve posted a ton tonight, which is me overcoming similar feelings of “block” about posting here. Maybe I just need to extend that to the podcast.

What do you guys think? What do you want to get out of a podcast from me? Talking about the news, and stuff I’m reading? Thoughts on gadgets and software that I’m using? Talking about life at Intel, and my ongoing blog/podcast/wiki evangelization efforts there?

Let me know – post a comment, or drop an email. Whatever the format or changes, I want to start being productive, podcast-wise, again soon. I want to be creating again. So I may as well do what you guys want to talk about. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Podcast Block – what would you like to hear?

  1. I’d like to hear about your new gadgets that have Tiny Screens of course! Also stuff about your family is also good like I liked the one you did in the car on the way back from some outing.

    Like tell us whether you are going to switch to the Treo 700P when it comes out, etc.

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