Why am I not talking more?

I just realized that I’ve been doing so much reading and tinkering that I haven’t posted as much as I usually do. Weekends are generally light posting, if any, since I try to keep them for my family, and catching up on stuff around the house.

At work, I’ve been very busy with my latest exciting gadget – I want to tell you all what it is, and end the suspense, but I want to do it justice, and talk about my experience with it, too.

Plus, I’ve got a couple of audio podcasts in production for work that I need to finish, and some video I shot last Friday I want to publish, and oh yeah, my wife is going out of town tomorrow.

So, this week is going to be pretty crazy, but I’m going to try to write more to catch up. I have a feeling that it will be like a dam break when it happens. 🙂


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