ActiveSync Conked Out – Dreaded 85010014 Error

I don’t know exactly what happened, but for the past two days, whenever I try to sync my Pocket PC Phone to my Outlook via ActiveSync 4.1, I get the dreaded 85010014 error. Grah! :-/

I switched from Norton to McAfee A/V the other day, about the same time this started happening, but I’ve since uninstalled McAfee, and still no worky. I’ve repaired Outlook. I’ve reinstalled ActiveSync. No dice.

I’m running out of easy fixes to try, and I really don’t have time to do something drastic like pave my tablet, or remove and reinstall Office. And my calendar has changed enough that I’m significantly out of sync beween my device and my Outlook. Any ideas or suggestions?

EDIT: Well, out of desparation, I removed and reinstalled Outlook, and that seemed to fix the problem. At least I can sync now. Annoying waste of time, though…