Big Intel News Today – What is it?

Intel announced some really big news today. On par with Centrino and Viiv. But I really haven’t heard much more than a peep about it in the blogosphere. So, I’m conducting an experiment:

Who can tell me what it is?

Post your guess, and a link to where you first heard about it in the comments. No fair looking at the existing comments or Googling – you’re on your honor. If this works out, I’ll do a random selection from among the correct answers, and you may win a little something. 😉

Oh, the value of the “something” will be no more than $25, and Intel employees (who had BETTER know what the answer is! ;-)) are ineligible. Contest rules subject to my mood and whim. All disclaimers apply, etc.


9 thoughts on “Big Intel News Today – What is it?

  1. I have to admit, I had no clue (though I applaud you for making me dig to find the answer). This is actually pretty big news, why no bigger splash with vPro announcement?

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