Boot Camp – Apple provides software to dual boot Windows on Intel Macs

This was unexpected – got a link via IM this morning for “Boot Camp” – software to enable dual booting Windows XP and Mac OS X on Intel-based Macs. They even include a driver CD.

From the “using Windows on a Mac” page:

Boot Camp Beta lets you install Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition or Professional with Service Pack 2, or later, on an Intel-based Macintosh computer, in addition to an existing Mac OS X installation. After running Boot Camp Beta and installing Windows XP, you can switch between Windows XP and Mac OS X by holding Option (Alt) key when you start up. You can also use the Startup Disk control panel in Windows or Mac OS X Startup Disk preferences to set the default operating system to use each time the computer starts up.

The Boot Camp Assistant Beta creates a partition just for Windows XP without erasing your existing Mac OS X information. Boot Camp Assistant Beta also burns a CD with drivers for Windows XP so you can use your Mac’s built-in graphics, USB, audio, Bluetooth, Ethernet, AirPort, and more. The
drivers are automatically installed when you insert the disc into your Macintosh after you install Windows XP.

Sweet! I’m downloading now (an 83 MB package) on my Core Duo Mac mini, and I’ll try it out, and of course, blog the results. 🙂

Thanks to Brandon for the heads up!


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