Cingular 2125 Windows Mobile Smartphone

DSCN2606, originally uploaded by JoshB.

A friend at work got a Cingular 2125 – a Smartphone running Windows Mobile 5. 1.3 MP camera, mini-SD slot, and a very nice QVGA 240×320 pixel screen. This is the Cingular branded version of the HTC Tornado. Too bad Cinuglar removed the WiFi capability (the T-Mobile version, called the SDA, has media playback hardware buttons and WiFi enabled). Naturally, it’s GSM/EDGE capable (given the carriers).

I really wish that there was a CDMA/EVDO version of this phone, or any Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone, so I could have the convenience and small size of a Smartphone (my Samsung i730 isn’t exactly tiny, especially with the fat battery), a nice QVGA screen (I do a LOT of reading – email, web, ebooks, etc.), and rockin’ high speed EVDO wireless data.

Are you listening, HTC? Verizon? Sprint? Anyone? 🙂