Creative Zen Vision 30GB

DSCN2487, originally uploaded by JoshB.

A shot of the Creative Zen Vision media player. 30GB hard drive, VGA (640×480) screen, plays almost all kinds of video files (DivX and Xvid, WMV, MPEG, but no Quicktime). Also plays MP3s and WMAs, and displays photos. Has a CF slot, and syncs and charges via USB 2.0. Also has connectors to charge via the power brick, and connect to a TV.

The VGA screen is gorgeous, and it’s quite simple to load it up with videos and watch them. On Windows XP, it shows up as an “MTP” device, and you can access it via Windows Explorer, or you can install the Creative MediaSource software to manage it.

The Digital Home guys here at work gave me this one to play around with, and it’s my device of choice for watching any video longer than a few minutes (short stuff like Rocketboom or Strong Bad is fine on my 60GB iPod).


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