DeLorean Sighting

DSCN2496, originally uploaded by JoshB.

Love the vanity plate on this one.

Judging by the plates, there are at least 3 DeLoreans in the Beaverton/Hillsboro area. I see them often, usually during nicer weather.

I wonder if they get together and have DeLorean Club meetings or something? 🙂


4 thoughts on “DeLorean Sighting

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  2. A friend of mine has a De Lorean that he got for a near-pittance. Of course, it didn’t run and the interior was trashed, but he didn’t care. I spent a couple of afternoons in his shop when he was pulling the engine and rebuilding the shot motor mouns and the electronic ignition module for the thing. It certainly turned heads, but it’s not really very comfortable to drive. He used to eye Volvos (?) if I remember correctly, he called them “De Lorean Donor Vehicles”: apparently many of the parts are the same.

    If I’ve made some mistakes, don’t complain to me about it: I’m a software guy.

  3. DeLorean admirer says:

    There is a fellow at Intel JF campus, Gnut Grimsrud I believe, who owns and drives a DeLorean regularly. To my best knowledge Gnut is an Intel Fellow and longtime company employee.

  4. With the nice spring weather it’s no surprise to see nice cars emerging from hibernation. I just pulled my DeLorean out last weekend. There are a few clubs that I know of in the U.S., but in Canada the car is so rare that I don’t know of any clubs.

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