Firefox is out – Support for Intel Macs

Firefox released

A new point release of my favorite browser, Firefox, updates it to be a Universal Binary for Mac, which means that it doesn’t have to run in Rosetta emulation (with the accompanying performance penalty). It now can run as a native Intel application.

I’ve been using an “unofficial” nightly build of Firefox (called Deer Park) since I got my Mac Mini. is essentially the official release version of the nightly I’ve been running. No notable new features that I’m aware of, but then, it’s only a point release.

Downloading now. Everything should go smoothly with the upgrade, but I’ll report, of course, if anything goes wrong. 🙂

EDIT: Two minutes later. That was painless. All of my profile settings came over perfectly, even cookies. The big difference? Now the dock icon is the official orange and blue Firefox icon, instead of the generic blue globe that they use for unofficial Deer Park builds. 🙂


One thought on “Firefox is out – Support for Intel Macs

  1. jennifer snowhite says:

    Thanks for the post, but I’m still flummoxed! I’m on a new MacBook, and couldn’t download Shockwave Player. I was able to open Safari in Rosetta Emulation mode, and then install Shockwave, but when I try to do the same in Firefox, (using “get info”), there’s no “Rosetta Mode” from which to choose. I’ve also tried “Command-I” in Firefox, but no such luck! I’m running OSX 10.4.7, and Firefox 1.5.06. Could the problem be either Fasterfox or Noia extensions?

    I don’t know where to turn– can’t find “help” from Mozilla. . .

    Thanks, Jennifer

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