First one to get Google Calendar to sync with Outlook wins!

Update August 22, 2006 – Jake Ludington has a post on how to accomplish Google Calendar/Outlook two way sync using RemoteCalendars, but it’s not working for me. I get the RemoteCalendars toolbar in Outlook, but none of the buttons do anything when clicked. Post a comment if you have any ideas on fixing this, or if you got it working.

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I can’t be the only one dreaming about this functionality. I’m anchored to MS Outlook because 100,000+ employees at Intel all use it for email, and most importantly, calendar scheduling. So moving to a non-Exchange calendar isn’t going to happen, as long as I’m employed by Intel.

Also, because I’m a big Windows Mobile fan, I need to be able to sync my calendar easily to my Pocket PC phone or other WM device. I know there are non-MS solutions to this part, but my dependency on Windows Mobile coupled with the corporate foothold Exchange has means that I’m not likely to be free of Outlook any time soon.


Wouldn’t it be great if there was a workable two-way sync solution between Outlook and Google Calendar? I’d love to be able to access and update my calendar from anywhere, in my browser, rather than have to fire up Outlook. And syncing gCal with Outlook would keep my Windows Mobile devices up to date.

The pieces seem like they’re all there. Google Calendar emits both iCal and Atom. It can import CSV from Outlook. What’s missing is the “glue” piece, that enables two way syncronization to happen. I predict that the first product/company to reallly nail this will be very popular and successful. ๐Ÿ™‚

Some companies are already working on it, it seems – RSS Popper for one. Do you think the solution will come from an established software company, or an enterprising hacker geek who whipped it up, just because he can?


100 thoughts on “First one to get Google Calendar to sync with Outlook wins!

  1. If you post a trial version I’ll download and check it out immediately. Only… do I understand correctly, from the site, that this software works with Pocket PCs, but won’t work with my Palm?

  2. What I need is some component in Outlook that will send an appointment to Google Calendar as soon as it is added to Outlook. I have to use outlook as I get mail invites sent to Outlook but we would like to use Google Calendar as a calendar sharing tool.

  3. Couple points regarding google calender sync on this thread….

    For a user controlled. DIRECT Google to Outlook sync look at A Windows Mobile 5.0 OTA 2 way sync with multiple google calendar(s), also supports ActiveSync.

    This is for a windows mobile user (gcalsync is java), and does not require you to use a web base server to had off your google account/password as in, scheduleworld, goosync, etc. Give it a try…

  4. Saksiri says:

    I’d pay (as would many others I know) for the capability to sychronize Outlook and Google Calendar, but it can’t be a cluncky hack.

    It needs to work seamlessly once installed.

  5. Jon says:

    Looks like this post is a central location for discussing this. Too bad there hasn’t been any wonderful solution in the almost seven months since this was originally posted.

  6. Christopher Moner says:

    Jake Ludington’s solution worked for me. 2 way syncronization works great between Outlook and Google, private or public calandars. The thing that prevented me for awile is that you have to check “Don’t publicsh my local tasks” or it won’t work.

  7. Chris R says:

    Hi all,
    I’m very non technical in this area but would LOVE thins functionality! I’ve recently found RSS, Google desktop and while traveling on business increasingly use this but need access to my outlook calender.

    Any ideas for a simpleton like me?

  8. Boerny says:

    Hi all,

    I tried the CompanionLink Solution for Google Calendar (commercial) to synchronize with Outlook (2003 and also 2007!), and at home it works perfectly! But at work (using a proxy) it doesn’t.
    I tried several things, but without a lot of work I have to use a proxy…

    It looks like that CompanionLink sends a SYN-Packet to the Proxy, three times in series, and then gets RESET packet, no idea why… Squid seems to log nothing…
    I tried also to redirect CompanionLink through a ssh tunnel at my home (also squid), but with the same effect…

    Is anybody using this product with a Proxy?


    ps.: I waited for almost a decade for that… Only alternative was openxchange, which brings to much technical overhead…

  9. A _beta_ release of my gSync application is now available for download. gSync is an addin for Microsoft Outlook that automatically will synchronize Microsoft Outlook with your Google calendar.

    [this product requires .Net v2.0]

  10. Matt says: might be handy for some of you. Its Google Calendar sync to any mobile device including pocket PC outlook mobile calendar.

    Its a brand new beta, works well just missing recurrence support at the moment but should be in the next release so worth a look and free too.


  11. Andrew smith says:

    there is another player in the market. zyb has recently launched GCal import to zyb and further sync with your mobile phone. Actually its quite initresting!!

  12. Boerny says:

    jason: cause my company uses exchange 5.5 and does not really support owa… ๐Ÿ˜‰
    btw: companionlink proxy works…

  13. Mauricio says:

    Has anyone besides Matt tried that I’m still confused no how it works or if it is safe/secure to use.

  14. Josh says:

    I am trying GooSync right now. I’m also not too sure of it’s security, so I’m experimenting with a test Google account I created.

    So far it is decent. However, if I create an all-day event, it sometimes doesn’t work right if I change to from an all-day to a specific time period, or try to move the date. Also, GooSync doesn’t yet support multiple calendars.

    However, that said, this is my favorite solution of all I have tried.

  15. iCal4OL ( iCal4Outlook)
    Ics-File import, export & subcribing for Outlook,
    two-way synchronization with Google Calendar – handles also occurrence exceptions of recurring events correctly.
    German/English, commerical, 30 days trial

  16. Uninstalled and installed all three executables three times. Still not getting a toolbar in Outlook. And it does not show up in the context menu either.

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  18. Scott says:

    I’m really disappointed there hasn’t been one killer app solution. I mean google calendar is so good that I’ve actually stopped using my pda’s calendar completely until there’s a solid solution to this problem. I don’t even care if it’s gcaloutlook or gcaldevice sync, I just want it to not suck. I’ve tried everything at this point, and the closest solution I’ve found is to use scheduleworld with funambol.

    Except funambol loves to crash and doesn’t handle recurrances correctly…

    This really sucks…

  19. Russ says:

    I tried gSyncit. First of all the evaluation version has an annoying countdown timer, so you will be forced to buy it pretty quick. At $10, if it worked, no problem. Unfortunately it did not. The warning to backup everything should be heeded. I only tried going from outlook to Google, and that was a mess. It completely missed many of my calender items, and duplicated a bunch. Fortunately, the product de-installed fairly cleanly.

  20. Brian says:

    I think the winner is SyncMyCal:

    I’m using it and i’m VERY impressed. So impressed that I ponied up the $25USD for the full PRO version.

    Hats off to these guys for making a functional, smooth, effective solution. I’m using Outlook 2007 and am very happy.

  21. Mike says:

    I agree with Brian, SyncMyCal is working great, and I also ponied up the $25 after evaluating it for a few days.

    I was using open source, Thunderbird and Lightning, for the last nine months and experiencing good syncing, but too many of my clients were using Outlook and I finally decided to make the change back to Outlook. The only thing really holding me back from returning to Outlook, besides the price, was syncing with my Google calendar, which I run as my master calendar. SyncMyCal solves the issue cleanly and I now get a clean synch with my phone calendar, too.

  22. Miker says:

    I’m sorry to report that I have not had the same success with SyncMyCal running on XP with Outlook 2007. Just went through the install and nothing, no buttons in Outlook at all. Got all the ‘buy’, ‘help’ and ‘uninstall’ buttons through…I know which one of those I’ll be using ๐Ÿ˜‰

  23. BigVJohnson says:

    Okay, Here is what I need/want and cant seem to figure out if any of the above listed products will help, but I’m leaning towards Schedule World because I cant help but think that the only way to accomplish my goal is to use some sort of central server.

    I am a)a student with a Windows MCE (Media Center Edition) desktop pc, and MacBook Pro (My Baby) laptop. b) a HUGE fan of Outlook, Google Calendar, iCal, and NoteBook a pretty nice note taking app for Mac OSX. and c)in extreme desire/need of finding a way to make everything talk to each other. I use Outlook as my main email and calendar tool as well as auto sync for my windows mobile 5 cell phone, yes I trust Microsoft to keep my life in order, I am a brave soul. I use Google Calendar as well because I can subscribe my iCal to it. I want to use NoteBook to take notes in class, and put my tasks or “ToDo’s” in iCal, a feature the program already has. What i need to do is this:

    Outlook to my phone and to Google, Google to iCal, Notebook to iCal, iCal back to google with the notebook info, Google back to outlook with the new iCal info, outlook to my phone once more so EVERYTHING is in the same place.

    now why is that so hard!?! oh yeah, probably because I’m insane for even thinking its possible and taking the time to write this post.

  24. Chris says:

    “Oggsync” and “Plaxo” both support extensive Outlook synchronisation with Google, and both seem to work. But there are caveats.

    1) Oggsync I didn’t trust not to do things like mess up categories, plus it had no concept of the idea of multiple calendars. Basically I didn’t like the program, I have no better reason than that.
    2) Plaxo did work flawlessly, but caused my computer to crash endlessly. Eventually I got fed up with it and uninstalled it. Plus you’re forced to join their little party of ‘Social Networking’ too.

    So currently the solution I’m at is not syncing Outlook and Google, and instead just subscribing to the private iCal feed for it in Outlook 2007. I can’t edit my appointments in Outlook – it’s a one-way sync – but at least it works and is the closest I can get to an ‘official’ solution. FWIW, I use GooSync to synchronise my google calendar with my windows mobile device, and it works flawlessly.

  25. I’ve been trying almost everything to sync and the only thing that worked was SyncMyCal, but only -3 and 3 days !
    Now I found a wonderful solution and easy to set up.
    This is how you do it
    Make an account with
    this link (Or leave the invite if you don’t want to connect to me ๐Ÿ™‚ )
    Set up your account there.
    When that’s all done, go to calendars and if the wizard doesn’t start automatically
    go to the bottom of the screen and choose ‘ add sync’

    Do this for Outlook and for Google and you’re done.

    I even set up a link/sync between two different calendars in outlook and two different in google.
    Therefore I created a second google account giving full admin rights over it’s calendar from my first account
    So the sync setup is then in fact Outlook -> Plaxo -> Second Acount -> First Acount

    If you need more information

  26. E says:

    Oggsync is the best choice out there. It does understand multiple calendars on both sides (if you want multiple Outlook calendars, then you set options inside each calendar folder from the toolbar for Oggsync). It also supports all Google calendars in one Outlook calendar via categories. It’s great software that works. The Web site for it is HORRIBLE, but the software is great.

    I also tried (for a month each), SyncMyCal and Calgoo.

    Calgoo was the flakiest of the lot. I could never get it to work consistently.

    SyncMyCal has some major problems. First, it does not support any exceptions to recurring appointments. Second, it occassionaly gets in some type of loop and keeps replicating items over and over (I had over 2500 copies of one item in my calendar in Outlook on multiple occassions). Third, it does not support sychronization with categories–only upload and download as separate functions with no synchronization intelligence. Finally, the support is non responsive, overpromises and underdelivers.

  27. There are all sorts of problems with synchronization with Outlook 2003 and below. Outlook 2007 seems to be better, but still isn’t what I’m looking for. The true Holy Grail of corporate synchronization is not gCal to Outlook. The true Holy Grail of corporate sync is gCal to MS Exchange 2003/2007. I should have to have my desktop on at work over the weekend just because I want Outlook to Sync to gCal. My PDA/Phone syncs to Exchange through the Outlook connector to Exchange or wireless via Wi-Fi, GPRS, or EV-DO. Outlook should be considered a client in the same way that my PDA is a client. Server to Server sync is where it’s at. There is a Funambol project to implement Funambol to Exhange sync. If you look at Funambol as a sync server, then you realize it is the only good approach out there: Sync Exchange account, and gmail to Funambol. Sync Outlook, PDA, phone, etc. to Exchange. The technology just needs to be sponsored and developed further.

  28. robr says:

    Thanks for the recommendation of

    As mentioned while it doesn’t sync directly to exchange, I do have Outlook 2007 running on my work PC 24/7 so it’s good enough. It was worth the $10 to allow multiple(shared) calendar sync and auto updating my Outlook calendar. My PPC is now always up to date with my wife’s google calendar so no more annoying the wife when I forget to come home and watch the kids because she has a dentist’s appointment :).

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  30. If you’ve got a Blackberry you can use Google’s Mobile Sync ( to sync your Google Calendar with your Blackberry calendar. Then if you’re Blackberry is synced with your Outlook calendar, you’re good to go.

    Works pretty well, but of course you have to have a Blackberry. It’s not the answer, but it’s getting closer.

  31. yh says:

    Ok this is indeed still a holy grail.

    My settings:
    – Outlook 2003
    – WinXP SP2

    I tired the following and my results are:
    – RemoteCalendar: After a not-so-simple setup process, i got it running. Able to see both google and outlook created events. BUT, i hit a problem. Deleting an event on outlook doesn’t cause that to be sync’ed to the google calendar. You have to delete it on google calendar. Then RemoteCalendar went AWOL on me and deleted all my outlook events. OMFG. After 4 hrs of hair tearing, i gave up. RemoteCalendar (version 6) is a mile away from being useful.
    – gSyncit: The setup is a breeze. I’m actually impressed that it grabs the my google calendars and allows me to pick which one i want to sync. But all the good stops right that. As soon as i hit the sync button, it fail flat like a toad. It does not work for me, period. Just so you know, the nag screen can kill you and auto-sync is not available unless u pay. I mean, for $10, it would be worth every penny if it worked. But it doesn’t.

    Guys, you know what. I think i’m gonna save my life (by saving the time i might waste testing this shit) and wait for the big boys, either google or microsoft to come up with something that works. Or maybe a bigger OSS team is willing to tackle this problem. There is value in proper s/w engineering and a full fledge QA process. All the hack-in-my-backyard solution doesn’t cut it at all.

  32. Look at what I have found, this is cool, and it works. iCal Sync Now Up-To-Date

    You wanted to Sync Calendars here you go. iCal Sync Now Up-To-Date is the first product designed to convert calendar data contained in Now Software’s Now Up-To-Date calendar program to Apple’s iCal.

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  34. Another way to use your google data is to access it trough MS Outlook.

    We just launched KiGoo, a free tool that allows Google users to fully manage (create, read, update and delete) their Calendar and Contacts from MS Outlook.

    Also KiGoo manage the Free Busy information of your Gmail contacts for appointments if they shared their FB status.

    Currently we support Windows XP and office 2007.

    You could download it from

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