Google Calendar Data API – Sync Should Come Any Day Now

My previous post on how important I think it’s going to be for someone to get two way syncing between Google Calendar and MS Outlook has been the hottest post on this week, by far. Lots of traffic coming in via people Googling for something along those lines.

Today, whIle catching up on feeds, I notice that the Google Calendar Data API has been released, with the purpose of enabling “your client application [to] use the Google Calendar data API to create
new events, edit or delete existing events, and query for events that
match particular criteria.”

That’s exactly what we need. Now, all you developers out there, let’s see what you can come up with! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Google Calendar Data API – Sync Should Come Any Day Now

  1. Well.. if you’re interested in beta/alpha testing the gcal – palm sync out.. email shawn [at] aimsniff [dot] com, and he’ll hook you up. He’s starting testing tomorrow 🙂


  2. Ed says:

    You know who has a good calendar synch? Yahoo. I love Google Calendar, but I’m switching. I don’t have internet access everywhere I go, but I do need my calendar.

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