Google Calendar on Windows Mobile 5

This is what Google Calendar looks like in Pocket IE on Windows Mobile 5 (Pocket PC).

It doesn’t actually turn you away for using an unsupported browser, like most Ajax Google apps. The page loads completely (it’s about 375KB, according to the PIE progress bar), but once it loads, this is all you get. The only links that actually work are the ones at the very top (Google, Gmail, more). There’s a “Sign Out” link if you scroll right, but that’s it.

Not unexpected, but I wanted to document what happens on a Windows Mobile device.

What do you think the best way to implement a mobile version of Google Calendar would be?


14 thoughts on “Google Calendar on Windows Mobile 5

  1. We must have a psychic mobile connection! What’s the first action I took yesterday morning after reading up on the new Google Calendar? Same thing you did; I just didn’t write it up. ๐Ÿ˜‰ BTW: I also tried it on Opera Mobile for Windows Mobile 5.0 and it was generally the same experience. First mobile browser than can handle AJAX on top of today’s advanced features (multiple tags, etc…) will be a winner in my book!

  2. I think the ideal solution would be something similar to Google’s Gmail for mobile application. It’s a small java app that (I think) connects to Gmail via web services. The interface is then highly optimised for the formfactor of the device it’s on.

    Although on a windows Mobile device it wouldn’t be java… but something written in .Net.

  3. OggSync not for me says:

    I just tried OggSync and it slowed down my BlackJack beyound reasonable use, So I took it off. It could be becasue I’am also running active sync for Exchange server.

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  5. Chris says:

    Are you still using this tool?

    My phone uses WM 5.0 and the wife’s new one is a SmartPhone (the Instinct), so I am looking for ways to better leverage google calendar’s features. Neither of us is really happy with the mobile presentation you pointed out in this post.

  6. I bought a MAC so I use the Missing Sync from Plaxo even works better than what I paid 40 bucks for.

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