How to delight your users (or: FeedBurner support rocks!)

A few days ago, when I posted about turning off FeedBurner ads, I wasn’t very worried about it. It was more an experiment to get familiar with their tools than anything. But Rick Klau, VP of Business Development, contacted me not once but twice via email, and also left a comment on my post, to let me know that I had uncovered a bug in their reporting process that was incorrectly reporting my ad revenue as $0.

So, even though I never contacted them, they:

  1. Watch the blogosphere for mentions of their company
  2. Respond rapidly and personally to customer issues
  3. Followed up to let me know that they fixed the problem

That, my friends, is how to do support in the new conversation-connected world. 🙂

Thanks, Rick, for the help – I’ve turned FeedBurner ads back on for now, to give them a run, and see how they do. I won’t be retiring off of the revenue any time soon, but at least it’s non-zero, showing me that it’s working. I’ll keep you updated, and even though I don’t drink, we’ll definitely have to hook up at Gnomedex. 🙂


2 thoughts on “How to delight your users (or: FeedBurner support rocks!)

  1. Wow, this is just making me want to click on your ads and see if I can help you retire…

    Personally I prefer the feed without ads. Maybe it is just me, but it makes you seem more genuine. I don’t mind ads on the site because they are usually on the side and can be ignored easily if I want to ignore them, but when my newsreader gets all that stuff interlaced in the feed it just doesn’t seem right.

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