Messing around with Feedburner again

Every few months, Feedburner adds new options to the cool things you can do to your site feed, if it’s “burned” through them, and I go over and add a bunch of new “bling” to my feed.

I just added a couple of “flare” items to add a post to Digg or Technorati Favorites, added a photo to my feed properties, and spliced in my Flickr photostream for photos I tag with “tinyscreenfuls“.

If you see the last 10 or so posts show up as “new” again in your aggregator, that’s why. I promise not to do it too often.

If you’re reading this on the site, why not subscribe to the TinyScreenfuls feed in your favorite aggregator, so you can see all the cool Feedburner stuff I’m talking about? 😉


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