Morning at Podcast on the Floor

Arrived here at the convention center. WiFi is $12.95 a day, so I hooked up my Sprint Ambassador phone with it’s EVDO connection as a modem, and got online that way. Then we hooked up the iMac next door, and are sharing the connection out (couldn’t figure out how to share via the wireless on my Tablet PC).

Instant free mobile WiFi hotspot. 🙂

Did a workshop first thing with John Anthony Hartman on producing a podcast from scratch, then sat on a panel on the Business of Podcasting, representing podcasting at Intel, and how podcasting is happening in the corporate world. Both were great, and we recorded the audio, which will be released later (I’m guessing at, so I’ll definitely point to those when they’re up.

Off to find something for lunch, then more workshops in the afternoon.