My First Mac Grey Screen of Death

My First Mac Grey Screen of Death, originally uploaded by JoshB.

I fired up my Windows XP virtual machine this morning in Parallels Workstation on my Mac Mini, and much to my surprise, this happened.

It’s my first Mac grey screen of death (what does the Mac community call this?). So, of course, I had to take a photo and blog the experience for posterity. 🙂


6 thoughts on “My First Mac Grey Screen of Death

  1. cjac9 says:

    I get it alot when i open up my mac from sleep. i went to the apple store and they said do an archive reinstall. I did that and now a month later I’m getting it again. My RAM is fine.

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  3. yea, I get the same thing often. My little brother dropped my 12″ powerbook 4′ onto a tile floor. My older brother works for macintosh, and my uncle is an apple certified tech. the bro says its probably my harddrive, since the message pops up when ever i move my laptop even remotely quick… like picking it up off of my desk. however, the laptop was dropped over a couple of months ago, im just now starting to get the screen. so. Im not sure if its YOUR harddrive, but it most likely might be a hardware problem. Ill ask my uncle about our problems and post his reply here. Im glad to see im not the only one getting the screen.

  4. huminuh83 says:

    Yeah, I had the same problem today. I just went to press play on Parallels (I’m running Windows Vista on my mac) and it gave me the grey screen of death. This happened to my boyfriend before, on his macbook g4 but we found out it was his airport card by looking at the report and then replacing it. It worked fine after that. I called apple care, because this computer is brand new (24″ aluminum on leopard.) and am a little freaked that something like this could already be happening. I called Applecare, and apart for being able to understand what they were saying, they didn’t even know what Parallels was. Told me to do PRAM reboot and that my problem was fixed….we’ll see about that =\. The good thing is I wasn’t working on anything unsaved when it happened.

  5. jay says:

    my moms third mac book pro 24″ just had this happen a few months after we started using boot camp

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