PotF: DIY Mobile Free WiFi Hotspot

PotF: DIY Mobile Free WiFi Hotspot, originally uploaded by JoshB.

WiFi here at the Portland Convention Center is a steep $12.95 a day. I’ve got two phones with high speed EVDO wireless, so I hooked up the Sprint A920 phone I have (courtesy of the Ambassador program), and got my Tablet PC connected.

Then, after trying to make sharing via WiFi work on my Tablet PC and failing, we hooked up an ethernet cable to the iMac next to me, and are using the Mac’s Internet Sharing capability to share out the connection.

The result? A free open WiFi hotspot for people at Podcast on the Floor to use, without having to pay $12.95 for access. It’s a shared connection, and only about 300Kbps, but it’s working great so far.


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