Samsung i730: Windows Mobile 5 update complete

DSCN2629, originally uploaded by JoshB.

Here’s the end of the WM5 update process on my Samsung i730.

I’ve been loving it ever since the update! Much more stable, I love the soft keys and the functionality they add. No problems to report so far! 🙂


8 thoughts on “Samsung i730: Windows Mobile 5 update complete

  1. I use my Samsung as a USB Evdo Modem using those hacks found online. By any chance do you?

    The worry here is that the upgrade might kill that functionality – which is worth far more to me than any OS upgrade.


  2. Paul, it should work fine. In fact, with WM5, there’s a software interface to put it into USB modem mode, rather than the #PATH hack.

    Check out the i730 forums over on for more user experiences, since I haven’t done it myself, but it’s definitely doable, from what I’ve read.

  3. Joe says:

    I upgraded thinking the same as Josh the hooks were there, but Verizon blocked it, so you can no longer get a data connection by dialing with the phone or modem

  4. Actually, I can use it as a modem just fine with WM5, both over USB, and over Bluetooth using the BTMODEM.exe hack.

    To put the phone in modem mode for USB, go to Settings, System, Data Connection, and put it in USB mode. Then, make sure you have the modem drivers installed on the PC, plug it in, and it works just like it did under WM2003.

  5. Jim says:

    I’m having a problem with authentication. I use (myphone#) and vzw as the password but it will not accept it. It worked before the upgrade to WM5. Does anyone know why?

  6. Actually with the official update to WM5 (one released from Verizon), there is an issue with “tethering”, and it’s due to the ZB21 Phone firmware they including. ZB21 restricts you from being able to tether, and your option is to downgrade to YH25 or to use 3rd party software. If you go to and look in the i730 forum you will find a few different solutions to re-enable the tethering capabilities with the phone, or the specific software that’s available to make it run.

  7. Don says:

    I am trying to find two things for my Samsung 830i: an upgrade of the OS to Pocket PC 5 (from the current 2003, version 4)which is not available from Samsung? Also, I am looking for PC tethering software which I think is included in the OS upgrade, if it will run on my device. How different is the 830i from the 730i (they look absolutely identical) which you are talking about here and will the software run properly on the 830i?

  8. Dapp says:


    I recently bought a used i730, and I upgraded to wm5. Everything worked fine for the first few days, but now it’s a week and a half later and two rows of keyboard keys stopped working, plus the center button on the front, the return button and the two top softkeys! Any ideas? I tried to rerun the update, but now it tells me my device is not “qualified” to perform the update? Is there any way I can go back to pocket 2003? Please helP!!

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