Spotty Site Availability

Since some time last night, I’ve had a very hard time getting to any of my sites. Not sure what’s going on – I’m going to try to contact my web host ( and see what’s going on. The problem I get is a long delay “waiting for…”, then a timeout error. I’ve seen the same problem intermittently on my other sites hosted with them.

Has anyone else had problems getting here?

I have to say that in the few years that I’ve been with 1and1, this is only the second time there’s ever been a problem. Pretty good, actually.


One thought on “Spotty Site Availability

  1. They host my site and from my log it looks like today and yesterday were normal days. Of course, they are sure to have more than a few machines, let alone sites, so you can’t draw much of a conclusion.

    A couple months back my service was flaky for a day or two, but by the time I worked up enough frustration to bother complaining it was fixed.

    On the other hand, I know someone with a high-traffic site (hundreds of thousands of hits per month) who had his service throttled and then cut off by them even though he was within package bandwidth limits.

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