TransFlash Memory Card and SD Adapter

DSCN2674, originally uploaded by JoshB.

The Samsung A920 phone I got from the Sprint Ambassador program has 32MB of onboard memory for storing pictures, music, and video, and came with a 32MB TransFlash memory card.

Besides rolling my eyes at yet another memory card format, the one impression I have so far of TransFlash cards is this:

That thing is TINY! :-O

To give you an idea how small the card (that’s it on the right) is, that’s an adapter to let you use the TransFlash card in an SD card reader on the left there. If you know how small an SD card is, you can see how much smaller the TransFlash card is. About the size of the fingernail on my little finger.

EDIT: Apparently, TransFlash is the same as “microSD” and “T-Flash”. But not the same as miniSD. Confusing much?