WiFi on SD card: Eye-Fi!

WiFi on SD card: Eye-Fi!, originally uploaded by scobleizer.

From Scoble‘s Flickr photostream.

Does that do what I think it does?!

Acts like an SD card to the camera, but transfers the photos wirelessly?

That is an insanely great idea. How come no one thought of this before?! That would turn any SD-compatible camera into a WiFi enabled camera.

Robert, you have to give us more info on this. 🙂 Here’s Robert’s post on the demo of this he got, and here’s a link to the Eye-Fi site (careful googling that name – I got a lot of pr0n links when I went looking).

Availability: hopefully this year. Price? Around $100. Assuming there’s a way to get the photos to upload directly to Flickr easily (if not directly from the card, than in software on the PC), then Robert’s photos and blog posts just made you at least one sale, Yuval. 😉

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6 thoughts on “WiFi on SD card: Eye-Fi!

  1. Isn’t it funny how the best inventions are always the ones where we go: “Gee.. why didn’t anyone think of that before?” 🙂

  2. Josh: Kudos for ‘getting it’ based only on Robert’s Flickr comment. Yes, you will be able to go to online destinations (a la Flickr) directly from the card, no PC required.

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  4. TOCA says:

    How does this differ from other SD cards whith build in WiFi and memory?

    We have been using them for more than a year i PDA’s now.

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